Huge Thanks to HAILOCAB for partnering with us. Their involvement began as soon as they heard about us setting up a Charity run - they were there in an instant in typical 'cabbie' fashion. Great guys who have looked after our foreign visitor's well before the race and before the hugely successful day of the T2T.

As you can see we took Heathrow by storm when the FDNY boys came in and met with the LFB boys, there were times when no one knew who was who !!! A great laugh and a spectacle for everyone at the terminal, we even had the bus drivers laughing their socks off!!

HAILOCAB then continued to look after our friends from stateside for which we are eternally grateful.

Come race day HAILOCAB were absolutely fantastic again looking after everyones personal baggage and transferring it from Southwark Park through to Billingsgate.

It's kinda cool with the traditionally Black cab becoming Yellow, we wonder when they expand out to New York whether they change their traditionally Yellow cabs Black ? Since the T2T day how many of you have noticed their cabs out in London.....very distinctive.

What a great bunch of guys they laughed all day long and we are very proud to have them alongside us and we look forward to having them alongside us for the T2T London 2013 on Sunday the 21st July 2013.

If you haven't got the app yet put it on your telephone you never know when you'll need it and trust us it works, its very safe and you know you'll be looked after.


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